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Karbala Coin

Comprehensive financial tool for the Shia community
Mission Statement
Our mission is to empower the global Muslim community, particularly the Shia community, with a financial tool for the digital age. This tool enables integrated transactions and interactions while supporting innovation and humanism.
Karbalacoin is the native currency for Shiite Muslims, a network managed by the community that aims to empower a financial ecosystem aligned with ethical principles. The supply of Karbalacoin is limited, and automatically, 60% of each issuance is dedicated to charitable purposes, including funding charitable organizations, job creation, and fostering research in Muslim communities. The issuance of this coin complies with Islamic regulations and avoids usury, which further encourages Islamic countries to embrace digital financial systems. Karbalacoin aims to serve as the native currency for all Shia Muslims and Muslims worldwide. It is scheduled for public release in 2023 and will encompass approximately 1.1 billion Muslim internet users, including around 180 million Shia internet users.
Why is it important to support a project like this?
The most crucial reason is the observance of fundamental ethical principles and project transparency. Considering the current global conditions and the shift towards the digital world, this endeavor, with its Iran-centered strategy, emphasizes the independence and reliance on multiple currencies for all Muslims, especially Shia, As a result, supporting the digital currency and blockchain holds significant importance because, in the current circumstances, it is the only project based on cryptocurrency that aims to allocate 60% of the extracted digital currencies to the welfare of the community and charitable organizations, with the intention of assisting Muslims.
What are your predictions for the next 5 to 10 years?
By the year 2030, it is projected that 25% of the global population will identify as Muslims. Currently, there are 1.1 billion Muslim internet users, with over 170 million of them being Shia Muslims. Our forecast indicates an increasing demand for digital currencies among Shia Muslims, considering the population growth and their presence in various regions worldwide. This surge in demand for Shia-specific digital currencies is expected to lead to success in global halal markets and facilitate peer-to-peer transactions within the Islamic financial sector. Ultimately, our achievement lies in the establishment of an ethical and transparent crypto community, in accordance with the principles of the Islamic faith, as well as the advancement of charitable institutions.

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